Fox Blocks is proud to be a member of SAME because there is no better place to have the resiliency of Fox Blocks structures than in military installations. Fox Blocks provides as much education and training to American military engineers as possible to support U.S. troop safety and tax payer value with resilient structures. In addition to providing education at events, Fox Blocks is dedicated to providing detailed project-specific information to military engineering professionals.

Fox Blocks works intimately with the NRMCA because our product is intrinsically related to ready mixed concrete. We share information about technical developments and improved product performance with NRMCA so our products work “hand-in-glove” to provide owners the greatest benefits from the highest quality insulated structural walls and foundations.

OH&LA is a leader in distributing information about the benefits Fox Blocks delivers on schedule reduction, energy savings, sound insulation and cost savings desired at hotels and lodging facilities. An active involvement in OH&LA provides a two-way dialogue that serves its members and helps satisfy those who stay at hotels and lodges.

The ICFMA brings together North America’s ICF manufacturers to share insights and improvements that benefit the entire building industry. North America has a growing demand for the highly insulated, highly resilient, and highly economic structures that ICF provides. Together, ICFMA members work to continually improve product performance so specific projects provide the highest measures of success.

The foundation is the key to a successful building project. Working with the CFA allows Fox Blocks to understand the evolving needs and continual improvements occurring with concrete foundations. The CFA provides insights on how to increasingly meet requirements for systematic integration between Fox Blocks foundations and Fox Blocks walls, as well as the integration with concrete foundations of all types.

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